Competition among Youtube bloggers with deposit bonuses + 1 ETH prize pool

Date of the competition:

November 27, 2020 - December 7, 2020 (inclusive)

Conditions for participation in competition:

- record and upload a video review of the Arbirate platform to your Youtube channel;

- minimum number of subscribers on channel is 1000 subscribers;

- video timing of at least 3 minutes;

- tell about investment proposals of platform;

- tell about terms of affiliate program;

- tell how to place a deposit or withdraw profits.

Competition prizes:

- General partner status (referral bonus 12% -3% -2% -1% -1%) for top 10 reviews;

- bonus deposit from $30 to $150 for top 10 reviews;

- the prize pool of 1 ETH will be divided between three best video reviews and sent to personal wallets.

Send links to your work with account name to: @arbirateadmin

The administration of the Arbirate platform will determine and evaluate winners.

Results of the competition will be announced in platform chat

on December 8, 2020 at 13:00 (CST) or 19:00 UTC

ARBIRATE is a reliable platform in the world of crypto arbitrage

Guaranteed earnings from 6% per day for members of ARBIRATE platform.

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Competition among
Youtube bloggers!

"The simplicity and safety of ARBIRATE are main value for our investors."




  • Easy registration

    Register and open up a whole world of new possibilities.

  • Profit is guaranteed

    When creating a deposit, you are trusting your money to professionals and will get a high income.

  • Money withdrawal

    You can withdraw the earned profits at any time you want.

Calculate your profit

Amount (min. 0.005 BTC)

Freeze ?You can freeze your deposit and get it in a single payment when the deposit matures in 18 days instead of daily payments within 21 days.

Main advantages

Simple and fast registration

Dynamic investment plans

Accruals are made to the balance every second

Fast payments without commissions and hidden fees

Ability to reinvest and boost profits

More details

Minimum deposit:

  • 0.005 BTC

  • 0.15 ETH

  • 30 USDT

  • 1 LTC

  • 10000 DOGE

  • 200 XRP

  • 0.2 BCH

  • 1000 TRX

  • 30 DAI

  • 4 LINK

  • 30 USD

  • 10 ETC

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a business of the 21st century

A unique AI-based bot, developed by ARBIRATE, collects

information from 20+ popular cryptocurrency exchanges. When the collected data is processed, the system distributes investments into the most profitable cryptocurrency pairs. At all stages, the entire process is carefully controlled by our system, eliminating the human factor.

Company Name: Arbirate LLC

Filing # 811270247


AR 72762. 4077 ELM SPRINGS

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Build your team and earn passive income.

Arbirate offers a profitable multi-tier affiliate program. Invite new members, raise your partner status and earn from each deposit of your partners.

The higher the turnover of deposits in your structure, the bigger the referral bonus. Once you reach the status of General Partner, you can get the maximum bonus from each deposit in the amount of 12% – 3% – 2% – 1% – 1% from each of your partner tiers.

Take full advantage of the features of the Arbirate platform right now!

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Latest news

French language

According to Arbirate's development roadmap from 25 NOV, 2020 for our partners the platform is available in French language.

Chinese language

According to Arbirate's development roadmap from 19 NOV, 2020 for our partners the platform is available in Chinese language.

Japanese language

According to Arbirate's development roadmap from 16 NOV, 2020 for our partners the platform is available in Japanese language.

Spanish language

According to Arbirate's development roadmap from 13 NOV, 2020 for our partners the platform is available in Spanish language.

Traditional Chinese

According to Arbirate's development roadmap from 10 NOV, 2020 for our partners the platform is available in Traditional Chinese.

Official launch

November 3, 2020, We are announcing the official launch of our platform Our company is officially registered in the US and operates in accordance with international legal regulations.
The company possesses a full set of documents, including a license, which entitle Arbirate to conduct its financial activities.