Invite partners and get a bonus from each of their deposits.

As a thank-you for helping to popularize the platform, Arbirate offers a referral bonus to all active participants in the company's project.

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Build your team and earn passive income.

Arbirate offers a profitable multi-tier affiliate program. Invite new members, raise your partner status and earn from each deposit of your partners.

The higher the turnover of deposits in your structure, the bigger the referral bonus. Once you reach the status of General Partner, you can get the maximum bonus from each deposit in the amount of 12% – 3% – 2% – 1% – 1% from each of your partner tiers.

Take full advantage of the features of the Arbirate platform right now!

  • Endless possibilities

    You will always get the full amount of bonuses from the investments of each partner. No limits on the bonus amount.

  • Instant results

    Bonus is automatically credited to your account after your partner places a deposit. Say no to long wait times.

  • Transparent activity

    We are glad to share the secrets of our business, increasing the competence of our partners. Our experts are ready to answer all of your questions.

Raise your partner status

  • Standard

    Turnover: 0-100$

    Affiliate bonus:


  • Advanced

    Turnover: 100$ - 999$

    Affiliate bonus:


  • Progressive

    Turnover: 1000$ - 4999$

    Affiliate bonus:


  • Premier

    Turnover: 5000$ - 19999$

    Affiliate bonus:


  • Elite

    Turnover: 20000$ - 49999$

    Affiliate bonus:


  • General

    Turnover: 50000$ - no limit

    Affiliate bonus:


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